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Need to Know About Volunteering
with Habitat Jackson


Thanks for signing the volunteer waiver!

Thank you for volunteering with Jackson, TN Area Habitat for Humanity!

Please read through this handbook before arriving for your

scheduled volunteer work day(s).


What To Expect 

After you have registered to volunteer, expect to receive communication from the Volunteer Coordinator about your volunteer assignment and specifics for your selected volunteer days. After completing the Volunteer Liability and Agreement Form, please read through all safety information and courses. If you have questions, please call 731-736-1767 and choose option 7 or email


Before Arrival 

Before arriving to the build site or other scheduled volunteer work day, please ensure that you have completed the following:


Appropriate Attire


Wear a heavy duty shirt, preferably long sleeved. Do not wear a shirt that is too loose or baggy. Keep your shirt tucked in to avoid snagging. Your shirt will protect you from sunburn, so keep it on even when the weather is hot. It also will protect you from scrapes and from skin-irritating materials.



Wear straight pants of proper length without pocket flaps or cuffs. They should not be baggy or so long that your heels get caught in them. Be mindful of having your belt secured through your pant’s belt loops.



One of the most common causes of amputated fingers is jewelry, such as rings, wrist watches and bracelets. Jewelry can too easily get caught in machinery, which is very dangerous.



The best type of footwear on a job site are high top safety boots. They give you more support than other boots and more protection than tennis shoes, in case something should drop on your foot. Wear rubber boots when working in wet material. Tennis shoes are also typically allowed on Habitat job site. 



During cold weather, dress in layers so you can shed an outer layer as they day grows warmer.



In most parts of the country it gets very hot during the summer months. While you do want to dress to be comfortable it is advised that you continue to wear long pants and a shirt with sleeves. Tank tops or sandals/flip flops should never be worn on a construction site!


What To Bring (And Not Bring)

Please be mindful of the weather and your own personal needs and bring items that you will need throughout the day, such as sunscreen and small snacks. Water will be provided at all times. 


If you have tools of your own in good working condition, such as hammers, shovels, drills, tool belts, and basic woodworking tools please bring them. Please do NOT bring dull, damaged, handmade,  or faulty tools which can pose a risk to both you and other volunteers.


Safety Tips

We take safety very seriously, and we want to ensure that everyone who volunteers with us has a safe, enjoyable experience. That’s why we operate on the Work SAFE philosophy.

Work SAFE - staying accident free every day

Empower everyone

Build trust

Acknowledge the risk

Repeat, review and improve

Celebrate success

Here are some tips to remember:

  • Place tools not in immediate use out of the way, and not on the floor, on steps or on ladder rungs. A safer place would be on a shelf, counter or — better still — in a tool pouch.

  • Make sure you keep your ladders away from power lines. A fall from a ladder can be very serious. Make sure your ladder is in good repair and is securely positioned and/or that someone is helping you brace the ladder.

  • Remember to cover holes when someone is not there to warn others of their presence. Falls or accidentally stepping into gullies, ditches, floor openings or holes for planting trees can cause severe injury.

  • Checking all extension cords and electrical tools for missing insulation, broken wires or damaged plugs before use will help protect you against electrical shock.

  • Mowers, tillers, weed eaters and other outdoor equipment can cause severe injury; maintain safety switches and observe all safety rules when using your outdoor equipment. Keep hands and feet away from sharp and/or moving parts, such as tiller or mower blades and weed-eater cutting line. Make sure children don’t use any outdoor tools without adequate supervision. Always remember to wear long pants, no loose clothing, appropriate footwear and eye and ear protection. Also remember that fires can be started from sparks caused by mower blades striking rocks in dry grass.

Also very important to remember: If you are working outside on a hot day, wear a hat and drink plenty of liquids to prevent heat stroke!


Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is extremely important on build sites. Hard hats will be provided and MUST be worn at all times while on a build site. Eye protection, hearing protection, and gloves will also be provided for all volunteers; however, if you have your own please bring them with you as we have a limited supply.


Accident or Injury

If you experience an accident or injury while working on a build site or any other volunteer location, please notify the Site Lead or Volunteer Coordinator immediately and seek medical attention if necessary. You will be asked to complete a form detailing your incident.


Youth Volunteers

Volunteers under 18 years of age are not permitted to engage in the following activities: work at heights above 6 ft, use power tools (any tools with a motor), or participate in demolition activities or roofing. If you are under 18 and would like to volunteer, there are still many other fun activities you can participate in both on and off the build site, including painting, landscaping, etc.

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