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Individuals and families who are interested in applying for the Habitat homebuying program must meet a number of requirements, which fall into three categories - NEED, PARTNER and PAY.

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Demonstrate NEED

Families applying to the Habitat program must currently have a need for decent, affordable housing.

  • Substandard Conditions (structural problems, mold, pests, etc)

  • Overcrowding (too many people in one bedroom, using non-bedrooms as bedrooms)

  • Homelessness (living with friends, relatives, coworkers, etc)

  • Cost-Burden (spending more than 30% of income on rent)

Be Willing and Able to PAY

Families must have stable, verifiable income sufficient to support a monthly mortgage payment and other expenses and must meet the income guidelines listed below. Habitat serves families earning less than 80% of area median income for Madison County. Income guidelines are set by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development and are updated annually. Having income within these guidelines does not guarantee eligibility.

# Living in Home

Max Gross Household Income

*As of 6/5/24; subject to HUD AMI guideline changes and other program requirements.

Family Size    Gross Yearly Income 

 1 person        $21,120 - $42,200 

 2 people        $24,080 - $48,200 

 3 people        $27,120 - $54,250

 4 people        $30,120 - $60,250

 5 people        $32,560 - $65,100

 6 people        $34,960 - $69,900

 7 people        $37,360 - $74,750

 8 people        $39,760 - $79,550

Be willing to PARTNER

  • Perform 200 (or 400 depending on household) hours of “sweat equity” by working on their house and other Habitat houses, at the Habitat ReStore and at other area nonprofits. Children can even earn sweat equity hours to help their parents by getting good grades on their report card! Only 30 percent of hours can be “donated” by family and friends. Must be completed one month prior to closing.

  • Make a $1,800 closing cost payment (can be paid in increments)

  • Complete Homebuyer Education Courses

  • Maintain or decrease your “debt-to-income” ratio while in the Habitat program

Other Qualifications

  • Be a first-time home buyer, meaning they have never owned a home or haven't owned a home in the past three years

  • Have not had a home in foreclosure in the past four years

  • Be unable to qualify for a conventional loan due to income level

  • Be able to prove ability to afford the monthly payment and household expenses

  • Have fair or passable credit and no judgments or liens

  • Debt to income must be below 41%

  • Have not declared Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the past 12 months or Chapter 7 in the past two years

  • Must have re-established credit from any previously declared bankruptcies

Building a House


Our application period is now closed. 

Please check back for updates on future application periods.


Please click on application information below to learn more.

(Note: Income limits may update during this timeframe thereby affecting eligibility. Please scroll up to view the most up-to-date income limits.)

Application fee $40

Please email to set up a virtual orientation.


1668 N. PARKWAY 



9 TO 5 PM




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