Habitat's New Home-Buying Program



An application package is submitted to Habitat for Humanity Jackson, TN Area as the first step in qualifying for our homeownership program. It is NOT a loan application. If you are approved for the Habitat homeownership program, you will be required to complete and sign a Uniform Residential Loan Application.

During the processing of your application, additional information may be requested in order to satisfy our family selection guidelines. Any requested information must be provided within 30 days of our written request, or your application will be considered withdrawn. Incomplete applications will not be considered. In the event that an incomplete application is accepted in error, it will not be processed until complete.

An application fee of $25 per applicant MUST be paid to Jackson Habitat in order for your application to be processed. Payment can be issued via money order or debit card (with a $1 processing charge) and included in your application packet or brought to the Habitat offices. Again, payment is REQUIRED for Jackson Habitat to process your application. 

There are now two ways you can apply to BUY a home with Habitat:

  1. Print and drop off your application at the Habitat Jackson offices, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. after attending an orientation session. Jackson Habitat's address is below.

  2. Print and mail in your completed application to Jackson Habitat after attending an orientation session.

    • Homeownership program applications can be mailed to:
      Habitat for Humanity Jackson TN Area Inc.
      ATTN: Homeownership
      1668 N Parkway
      Jackson, TN 38301

Download application and instructions here